Englisharp: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Englisharp: Frequently Asked Questions

- Are textbooks provided and how much do they cost?

Yes, textbooks are provided for free. They come with the program. Also, an English level test will be conducted before formally starting the classes. This is to tell which textbook is best to use for the student. The level test is also free of charge.

- I am a very busy person, but I want to have English classes. What can I do?

It is okay to have classes only at certain days of the week (e.g. MWF only). Please contact us to negotiate on the schedule.

- I may have to travel because of work/study. Is it okay to take a leave in between the program?

Yes, it is okay. Just coordinate well with your teacher.

- What if something came up unexpectedly and I cannot do the class for that day? What should I do?

We have this rule called 2-hour policy. This states that if a student has to skip class for that day, he/she must inform the teacher 2 (two) hours before the class schedule. Otherwise, the class will be counted as a paid class.

- How are the classes done?

All of the classes are done on Skype. We may have to ask everyone to sign up for an account with Skype. No worries, there is no charge for this.

- I want to change my program in between. What can I do?

We understand that our students have several priorities. Changing the class program is okay. Just coordinate well with your teacher.

- Can I use my dictionary during the classes?

Yes, for as long as the student is going to remember what he/she searched for.