Englisharp: Who We Are

Who We Are

We are here to help you better and eventually perfect your English skills.

Englisharp: Who We Are

A German, Korean and Russian gather together for a business meeting. How do they communicate? In English, of course, even if it's no one's native language.

It is without doubt that English has become a universal language. In today's world, fluency in English has been termed as a basic skill of modern life. understands how difficult it is for non-natives of English to speak up and communicate in the said language. We are here to help you gain confidence in holding a conversation in English.

Sharpen your English, this is our main goal. We work to guide you in achieving adequate English skills and not just pass a particular speaking test. But this is no easy task. We are aware of the stress and pressure our students have in learning English. Aside from this, our students have several priorities. This is why we offer fun and interactive online English classes through Skype. You can now study at your convenience and at a very affordable price!

As English has become an important skill for connecting with the world – may it be for business, career advancement or education – we will gladly do all that we can to support you in reaching your personal goals.